Web Design and Development for B2B and SaaS Companies

We help SaaS companies define big visions, turn ideas into realities, and improve their
products by delivering memorable user experiences.

Your website is much more than an eye-catching design. It must drive your customers to take action, we use core design elements to tell your brand story and communicate your product value.

Have you seen websites like Apple or other premium brands.They have one thing for sure in common. They don’t accept compromise on their website. Forget the don'ts and limitations of commonly used CMS tools. We design and develop exactly what your market needs, not around web templates.  Don’t allow your website limitation to control your business, it should be otherwise

Forget the worry about load speed, site vulnerabilities, updates, plugin incompatibility. The platform we use is extremely fast and reliable. Also Search engines love fast websites, which is where Webflow does the best job compared to other CMS systems.

It is important that your customers can engage with your website and don’t leave without reaching their and your goal. Being a User Experience centric agency, we make sure that your website meets the needs and expectations of your customers, and avoid your website from unnecessary drop offs.

Working over a decade in the B2B landscapes we understand the challenges players can face and the small room to keep your looks corporate, clean, but still interesting. We believe that being corporate doesn't have to be boring at all.

Our Works

What do We do?

Website Strategy and Content

Finding out alone what should be on your website is frustrating, but don’t worry, we help you along the way. Thanks to our guides and templates, and support of expert copywriters, you will be able to launch your website in time with the right content, and won’t be lost during the process

Brand and Visual Identity

If you don’t have a solid brand identity, or you want to evolve it, we can help you with branding. Our branding exercise helps you to articulate your business through a professional appearance. We can create logo, brand colors, typography, and brand guides.

Website Design and Development

We design everything you need to market your SaaS or other Business — website landing pages, marketing sites, and much more. Our web developers provide you with a professional website that communicates your product’s value and feels at home on any device.

How do we work

Our web design process is based on a design thinking methodology, which allows us to be flexible to any business. No matter if you are in the healthcare, marketing, fintech business we got you covered. We always go through the following key phases:


Your business, product, and challenges are unique, so we start by understanding them. We plug directly into your business and build a customized yet iterative plan for success using our proven user experience methodologies.


To understand what to explore, we need to know who we're designing for and why. We check your business goals and target audience to uncover breakthrough insights that help us identify where to focus.


Based on the discovery we create your site’s structure, use cases, and flows. This step helps to visualize the assumptions of how your users will interact with your site and maps out your site page order.


Lay your hands on the first iteration of your new website. Weprovide you with clickable wireframes so you can interact with your website in the same way your customers will. Then you can provide us with valuable feedback based on your user experience.


Just because your website is efficient enough to outperform your competitors, it doesn't mean it can't do so in style. We'll design a clean and innovative website that aligns with your company branding and easily sells when you market it to customers.


After all design is complete our web developer or development team (depending on the complexity of the website) will create a pixel to pixel accurate implementation of the approved design. The result will be a fast, reliable SEO optimised website.

Harness the Power of the Latest
Communication Technology

Communication is key to a successful project, which is why we use the latest technology to keep you in the loop. That not only ensures you're always up to speed with our progress but also saves you valuable time on meetings and emails.

Webflow is the goto platform to make no compromise, fast, and reliable websites in the 2020s. SaasXpert uses this platform as the sucessor of classic CMS systems, such as Wordpress.

Via Loom, you'll receive screen recordings with voice-over notes when we want to share an important development update or show you a potential issue with the product.

You'll be invited to join our agency channel (or, instead, we can enter your company channel), so we're just a message away if you have any questions.

You'll be able to view designs related to your product, click the design elements, and access the developer documentation with this app.

You'll view every sketch and wireframe we work on and interact with the first iterations of your product.

Your developers will be notified of potential issues with the supercharged screenshots generated by Gyazo, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

Other tools

In addition to the six tools above, we also employ Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe CC, Notion, Jira, Basecamp, Asana, Wrike and Axure to make your project run as smoothly as possible.

Take Your Web Presense to the Next Level and Beyond

Let's talk about how we can help you create the best possible version of your website and product so that it becomes the next household name in the B2B, SaaS space.

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Gabor is a rare talent. His ability to transform technical requirements and strategic vision into high-quality UX, wireframes and interactive visualisation transformed our product development capabilities. His professionalism is boundless and working with him was a genuine pleasure. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.
Javad Zahir

CTO - Myintelligence, UK

Gabor is an excellent designer, engaged quickly with the brief, communicated efficiently with various team members and delivered a very high standard of work. Great job. Would highly recommend.
Aloysius Fobi

CEO - Agora Ventures

Gabor is absolutely one of the best freelancers on Upwork. He went above and beyond making my (sometimes urgent) wishes come through. Really, you will not regret hiring Gabor!
Hugo Mellis

CEO - Glamorous Goat, UK

Gabor makes me believes again that working with freelancers is possible and can lead to great results. his skills and qualifications is not a point to discuss as he is a real professional. but for me what I liked the most about him that you will have a partner in your project a person who will give 100% to help you, he keep listening even to dummy comments, I recommend him very much to anyone looking for a UX/UI professional, and definitely I will work with him again.
Motaz Tamman

CEO - Lighting Arena UAE

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