Rapidly Answer Critical Questions for Your SaaS With Design Sprints

De-risk your SaaS vision, save months of time and money using Google’s secret weapon: Design Sprints

Design Sprints have been proven to solve your SaaS challenges quickly, no matter how big or unique. A team of experts come together to create your SaaS product or improve existing ones using Google’s most intensive testing.

The Design Sprint methodology reduces months of anxiety. It saves you time by creating an interactive prototype which is then put through boot camp and vigorously tested by real-world users: All in less than one week.

Why Design Sprints

Why should I run a Design Sprint for my SaaS product?

So, you have an excellent idea or upgrade for your SaaS product. You then spend months and months and countless resources developing this idea. Finally, you get it tested by an actual user, only to be told you’re not the next Steve Jobs, or it’s just ‘okay.’

You’re not the first business to do this, and you definitely won’t be the last.

SaaS companies often spend months or even years building their products before showing them to users and validating their ideas. In this ever-growing competitive world, a well-made product is not enough. It needs to be the right product. If only you could find out if the product is worth developing from the very beginning.

That’s where Design Sprints come in.  

Running a Design Sprint is the fastest and most low-risk way to find out if your product is worth developing right from the initial concept. Rather than spending months or years focusing on something which may or may not work, a Design Sprints does this and tests it in less than a week.

Putting your SaaS idea through a Design Sprint tests allows you to:

Cut months of developing, enabling you to bring your product to life in less than a week.

Focus on issues from your customers’ perspective.

Receive clear answers to whether you are (or aren’t) on the right track.

Gain an unbiased perspective on any issues.

Have a clear path of where to go next.

What does it look like?

What is the Design Sprint process?

Think of the Design Sprint process as an intensive hackathon for your SaaS product.

We assemble up to 4 team members from different technical backgrounds then align them on a focused question. Our UX experts and UI designers create a prototype which is then tested on real users to gather critical feedback on the product as a whole.

This technique has been proven to have the power to drive real business outcomes. We provide UX experts and UI designers to pick apart and test your idea to the extreme.

First two days: During the first two days, the team members come together to identify the problems, then gain focus and perspective on the ideas they want to test.

Final two days: On the final two days, the team works independently to create a high-fidelity prototype of your product. This prototype is then tested to the extreme using real users and gaining unbiased, real-world feedback. This feedback is then put into a conclusion and presented to you.

The sprint process

Day 0

Problem Framing

1-2 weeks before the Sprint - Done with Client

Identify the problem

Gain focus and perspective

Day 1

Define & Ideate

Done with Client Collaboration

Define the challenges

Ideate a mass of solutions

Day 2

Decide & Refine

Done with Client Collaboration

Curate and vote on the best solutions

Define the prototype with a storyboard

Day 3


Done by SaasXpert Team

Build the prototype

Set up user tests

Day 4


Done by SaasXpert Team

Testing with real users

Use it to clear next steps

What are the outcomes?

What’s the outcome of a Design Sprint?

This is the part companies usually wait months or even years for. Your fully interactive prototype is finally ready and has already been fully tested by real users giving you detailed, constructive feedback.

The product most likely won’t be a prototype of your full product, but it will give you a clear understanding of whether to go ahead with your idea or take it back to the drawing board.

And there you have it. In less than one week, you now have a tangible representation of your product created by experts, real user feedback, and a clear guide to your next steps.

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Gabor is a rare talent. His ability to transform technical requirements and strategic vision into high-quality UX, wireframes and interactive visualisation transformed our product development capabilities. His professionalism is boundless and working with him was a genuine pleasure. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.
Javad Zahir

CTO - Myintelligence, UK

Gabor is an excellent designer, engaged quickly with the brief, communicated efficiently with various team members and delivered a very high standard of work. Great job. Would highly recommend.
Aloysius Fobi

CEO - Agora Ventures

Gabor is absolutely one of the best freelancers on Upwork. He went above and beyond making my (sometimes urgent) wishes come through. Really, you will not regret hiring Gabor!
Hugo Mellis

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Gabor makes me believes again that working with freelancers is possible and can lead to great results. his skills and qualifications is not a point to discuss as he is a real professional. but for me what I liked the most about him that you will have a partner in your project a person who will give 100% to help you, he keep listening even to dummy comments, I recommend him very much to anyone looking for a UX/UI professional, and definitely I will work with him again.
Motaz Tamman

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